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Looking for the best indoor co2 meter?

CO₂ measurement is more important than ever. The CO₂ content indicates the air quality and the degree of ventilation. It is essential not to let the CO₂ ppm level rise, because a high CO₂ ppm value means poor ventilation, which allows virus particles – such as the Covid-19 virus – to spread more easily. Now that ventilation, in addition to keeping one’s distance and hand washing, has become a basic rule, CO₂ measurement is indispensable in homes, restaurants, bars, hairdressing salons, offices, etc. The best CO₂ meter for the home A good home CO₂ meter ensures that it accurately measures the CO₂ ppm value of the room. Poor air quality can lead to lethargy, difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity and headaches. This does not help when working at home. At Nieuwkoop we offer various CO₂ measuring instruments that reliably and accurately measure the CO₂ ppm value of your room. We offer the best consumer CO₂/°C/RV meter.
Top 5 measuring instruments for CO₂

Need help finding a CO₂ meter?

Need advice on finding the right pH meter? Nieuwkoop has been a specialist in the field of pH measurement, regulation and control since 1957. We are happy to assist you in finding the right measuring instrument. We offer various models so that there is always a suitable solution for your application. Our specialists are ready for you! Looking for the best meter for: CO₂ measurement in the office. CO₂ measurements in the greenhouse or in a nursery. CO₂ measurements in a classroom. CO₂ measurements in a restaurant or other catering establishment. It depends on the size of the room but we recommend installing a CO₂ meter at several points so that everywhere in the room you can measure whether or not ventilation is required.

How long do I have to ventilate my house?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple: until the air quality is once again at the right level. We recommend you aim for a ‘ppm’ of 400 to 800. It is very important to set up a CO₂ meter in a room, so you know whether the indoor air meets the correct values. In most cases it is necessary to open doors and windows for 15 to 30 minutes.

CO₂ ppm value

The abbreviation “ppm” stands for parts per million. Our CO₂ meter indicates how many particles in the air in the relevant room are CO₂ and whether the composition of the air is healthy or not. If the composition of the air in the room contains too many CO₂, and is therefore unhealthy, the meter will give a warning. The ppm value is then too high and that means you should ventilate or air your room. Ppm CO₂ guidelines for indoor areas: In line with the guidelines as formulated by the GGD, CO₂ monitors use the following measures for displaying the CO₂ level: Good: 400 to 800 ppm (±400 is the outside air level). Good: 800 to 1200 is still OK, but it is good to open a window or door or increase the ventilation system now. Bad: 1200+, a ppm of 1200 is really the limit for indoor air, at a ppm of 1200 ventilation is necessary.

CO₂ and virus spread

A high CO₂ content in a room means that there is little oxygen in the air and therefore poor ventilation. Poor ventilation is a perfect situation for a virus to spread among those present. By measuring and monitoring the CO₂ content, you know exactly when ventilation is required. This way you create a pleasant and safe situation for guests, but also for yourself and your family. Nieuwkoop offers various models of CO₂ meters which always carry out an accurate and reliable measurement.

Fixed and portable CO₂ meters

An accurate portable CO₂ meter that can also be used as a fixed measuring point? The Nieuwkoop GT2500 was developed especially for this purpose and is already being used in various sectors, such as offices, homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, canteens and event locations. However, this is only a selection of the sectors which now reliably measure CO₂ with a Nieuwkoop measuring instrument. With the GT2500, CO₂ can be reliably measured anywhere, both fixed and portable.

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Would you like to buy a CO₂ meter? We deliver our CO₂ meters throughout the Netherlands and even abroad! From our factory and showroom in Aalsmeer, we can always deliver from stock. So you can quickly start or continue measuring the CO₂ content in your room. Would you rather visit us first to see and test our CO₂ meters? We are happy to welcome you to our showroom. We will explain everything about our products and give you advice that suits your situation. So you know exactly what you are buying. Would you rather be helped remotely? Our customer service is ready to help you by phone and email. Nieuwkoop stands for quality, user-friendliness and service. We always have our CO₂ meters in stock. We can therefore always deliver your new CO₂ meter quickly!