How can you reliably measure pH in soil?

Why is it important to measure pH in soil? The reason that pH is measured in soil is to measure its acidity. When growing plants, flowers or other organisms that use soil, the acidity level is a determining factor. If the soil has a poor pH value, the plants will not take up nutrients. To […]

What is soil moisture (tensio)?

We can determine the soil moisture by means of suction pressure or a vacuum. This suction pressure is measured by a tensiometer. This is a hollow tube with a porous ceramic on the bottom. Porous means that the ceramic behaves as pores and the tube therefore functions as an artificial root of a plant. It […]

What is a penetrometer?

A penetrometer measures the resistance required to penetrate through an object . This principle can applied in several disciplines. Penetrometer soil Where there is a lot of traffic, heavy materials are stored or there is a built-up environment, trees and crops can experience growth stagnation. This reduces the condition of the trees and crops and […]