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Measuring pH in a swimming pool

Measuring pH in a swimming pool

What is the best pH meter for swimming pools?

Hygiene of swimming pool water is very important. After all, while swimming, you are hardly protected from bacteria. Measuring alkalinity, pH value and chlorine value keeps your pool water clean. At Nieuwkoop, we have several measuring instruments that can properly measure the pH value in water. For temporary pools, we recommend the PH2620 - digital pH tester to use. For professional pools, we recommend the portable pH meter - PH1200 to.

When there is a lot of swimming in your pool, it is important to test the pool water daily.

How is pH measured in a swimming pool?

To measure pH in swimming pool water, it is important to use testers or digital measuring equipment suitable for measuring pH. In a swimming pool, alkalinity, pH and chlorine are measured. Perform the following steps to measure pH in pool water:

  1. Take a water sample with a pipette.
  2. Put the water sample into the sample cup.
  3. Use a pH paper test strip or a digital pH meter to measure the water.

The more often you swim the more important it is to keep checking this frequently. After measuring pH and adjusting that, it is important to measure chlorine levels.

Is it possible to automatically regulate pH in a swimming pool?

It is possible to automatically measure pH in a swimming pool. This is done by so-called continuous controls. At Nieuwkoop we have pH dosing pumps and pH controllers which have been specially developed for this type of application. By placing a pH sensor as a measuring point in, for example, a swimming pool's water system, measurements are taken automatically. A circuit can then also be activated when the pH reaches a certain value. In this way, you create an automatic system.

Our experts are happy to help put together an automated system!

Why is it important to measure pH in pool water?

It is important to measure the pH level in a pool, as a good pH level is essential when disinfecting the pool. To keep the pool clean and remove bacteria, you use chlorine. However, chlorine cannot work properly if the pH level is incorrect. 

So if the pH is not right then the chlorine will not work and the pool will automatically become contaminated. To create and maintain a clean and safe pool, measuring pH is therefore essential!