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Measuring pH in an aquarium

Measuring pH in an aquarium

Measuring pH in an aquarium

Monitoring and controlling the pH value in aquarium water is essential for the fish and plants living in the aquarium. We know all about professional measuring and offer various (digital) measuring instruments that easily but very accurately measure the Measuring pH in an aquarium. This will tell you exactly whether you need to lower or raise the pH level of your aquarium. We teach you all about how to measure and act like a professional!

How can I measure the pH value in my aquarium water?

An aquarium is home to all kinds of living things and organisms. For this life, it is essential that an optimal living environment is created and then maintained. Measuring pH is very important for this.

At Nieuwkoop, we offer two different options for measuring the pH value of your aquarium:

  1. Firstly, we offer simple pH test strips to use in the aquarium. These give an indication of the pH value in the aquarium.
  2. For more accurate measurement, we offer several digital pH meters. These measure by measuring the effect of the water on the 'liquid' in the digital meter. Using a highly accurate sensor, it is possible to see the pH value to two decimal places.

For both measurement methods, we have several products to help with measurement.

How does measuring pH in an aquarium work?

The pH value is a chemical name for the acidity of a solution. Depending on whether you use a test strip or a digital pH meter, the way it works differs. A test strip gives an indication of acidity based on discolouration of the pH paper. For a pool or a small aquarium, this is sufficient, but if you are dealing with plants and various fish, it is important to be able to measure more accurately. Digital pH meters are much more accurate in most instances, offering insight to 1 or 2 decimal places. At Nieuwkoop BV, we stand for accurate measuring. Take a look at our digital pH meters and indicators.

How do pH test strips work in an aquarium?

When you measure the water with a pH test strip, the test strip will discolour based on the pH value of the water. The colour change depends on the range of pH test strips used. For example, there are pH test strips with a wide range, 0-14 pH, but also with a more specific range like 4-7 pH. The colouring will be different, but this is clearly indicated on the packaging. It is important to realise that this is an indication and not a specific measurement.

Digital pH meter for in an aquarium

For a more accurate measurement of your aquarium water, we recommend using a digital pH meter. It measures in 1 or 2 decimal places, depending on the model. This gives you a reliable measurement on which you can (re)adjust the conditions in the aquarium. Besides accuracy, the digital pH meter is also much more reliable and has a longer lifespan. A pH paper or test strips are thrown away immediately after use, while the digital meter can be reused.

What pH value do I need in my aquarium?

The pH value of the water in an aquarium is therefore essential for the life in it. What the optimum pH value of this is depends, for example, on the type of fish living in it. Therefore, check with the aquarium shop what the best habitat for your fish is.

At Nieuwkoop, you have come to the right place for a solution for a good reliable pH measurement for your aquarium.