What is RH?

What is RH?

A healthy indoor climate is essential for an enjoyable work, sport and living environment. This promotes both productivity and concentration levels. The indoor climate also determines the quality of the products that are stored in storage areas. Temperature and humidity play a major role in this.

In this case, humidity is the level of humidity in the air. This humidity level of a room is referred to by the term relative humidity (RH).

Simply said, the Rh value is a measure of the amount of water vapor present in the air.

Besides “relative humidity” there is also the term “absolute humidity.” This last term is the easiest to understand, because it indicates how many grams of water there are in a cubic meter of air. Nature has determined that air cannot absorb water indefinitely. There is a physical maximum for this.

This is illustrated by an example:

  • Suppose the physical maximum is 30 grams per cubic meter;
  • In a room, there is currently 15 grams per cubic meter (this is the absolute humidity);
  • In this example, the relative humidity is then 50%.

It should be noted that the maximum humidity depends on the temperature.

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