Measuring EC in water

Nieuwkoop is expert in measuring EC in water

The best EC meter for in water?

EC (Electrical Conductivity) stands for the conductivity of water. It tells you something about the salt content in water. Nieuwkoop offers various types of measuring instruments which accurately measure the EC value of a liquid. This measurement is always done in combination with a temperature measurement and therefore always incorporated in the same meter or sensor. Our combimeters are easy to use and because of this combination its always reliable and precise. We think our EC1200, a portable ec meter supplied in a carrying case, is the best in our range!
Top 5 measuring instruments for EC value

Which EC meter do you need?

At Nieuwkoop we have a wide range of high quality EC-value measuring devices for both the grower and the hobbyist or gardener. The quality of a liquid such as irrigation water, rainwater, pond water or aquarium water determines the health of your plants, flowers or fish. At Nieuwkoop we offer equipment for measuring EC in water for both professionals and consumers. Besides the conductivity of water, it is also important to measure the pH in water.

EC value for water

Each type of water or liquid has a different conductivity (EC) and this is expressed in μS/cm: Pure water: 0 μS/cm Distilled water: 1 μS/cm Osmosis water: 20 – 60 μS/cm Rainwater – industry: 30 – 60 μS/cm Drinking water: 300 to 700 μS/cm Seawater: 54 mS/cm = 54000 μS/cm

Portable EC meter for water

Nieuwkoop has developed a reliable and accurate EC meter that is portable and therefore can be taken anywhere. Because of our more than 60 years of existence, we are specialized in producing reliable, portable EC meters. With this meter you can reliably measure the EC value wherever and whenever you want!

EC indicators for water

In addition to our professional handheld EC meters developed for the specialist and business market, we also offer consumer EC testers or EC indicators. An indicator is not as accurate as a handheld meter, but offers a good indication of the conductivity of, for example, watering water or rainwater for watering the garden or for measuring aquarium water. An ideal product for the hobbyist.

Need advice on finding the right EC meter?

We will be pleased to advise you on finding the right EC meter. After all, Nieuwkoop has been a specialist in measuring, regulating and checking the EC value since 1957. Our team is at your service to help you choose the right measuring instrument. Because we have various models in our range, there is always a solution for your application. We are happy to help you! Click on the text cloud icon below and get in touch with a member of staff.

EC sensors for in water

EC sensors are parts that need to be replaced every now and then. The Nieuwkoop EC sensors are reliable and will always give an accurate measurement because of the professional quality. We offer different models with different outputs. For example, we also have sensors with a 4-20mA output which are easy to connect and use.

EC meter supplier

We supply our EC meters throughout the Netherlands, but also abroad. Our factory is located close to Amsterdam, in Aalsmeer, and from there we can always deliver our EC meters from stock. This means you can start measuring quickly. Next to the factory is our showroom where we are ready to give advice on your application in combination with our products. Of course, we are also available by phone and email to help and/or advise you. Since 1957 Nieuwkoop stands for service, quality, user-friendliness and fast delivery!