pH measuring in soil or clay

Nieuwkoop is an expert in the field of ph meters for soil!

The best pH meter for soil

A soil pH-meter is used to measure the acidity of the soil. This indicates whether the soil is suitable for what is to be planted in it. The best pH meter must therefore be reliable and accurate. Nieuwkoop has over 60 years of experience with measuring instruments and measuring pH in soil. We recommend measuring the pH in soil with the PH1210.
Equipment for measuring pH value in soil

What is the most reliable way of measuring pH in soil?

The most reliable way of measuring is by using an accurate pH meter that has functions that you need for measuring soil. At Nieuwkoop we offer two different types of soil pH meters a hand meter with case and a pH tester. Our pH hand meters are extremely accurate and provide reliable soil measurements. An indicator can only give an indication so the results may differ from a reliable meter. The pH tester PH2010 is an example of an indicator. With a pH-meter suitable for soil, the pH of the soil or earth can be measured. It is very useful when growing plants and flowers in a greenhouse or in the garden. The pH value for soil says something about the acidity of the soil. Do you want to know what pH is? View our knowledge article here.

How do you measure acidity in soil?

The reason pH is measured in soil is to measure acidity. When growing plants, flowers or other organism that grow in soil, acidity is a determining factor. The lower the pH, the lower the acidity. To know what the acidity of your soil is, you need a (digital pH) meter or indicator/tester. A handheld professional meter is the most accurate and reliable because it can measure much more specifically instead of just giving an indication.

How do you do a reliable pH measurement of soil?

In addition to measuring pH directly in soil, there is also the possibility of taking a soil sample and mixing it with demiwater. By using a soil sample drill to take a soil sample from the soil and then putting the soil into a sample cup, a little demineralized water can be added. Then use the digital pH handmeter to measure the mixture for pH. The value on the hand meter gives an accurate estimate of the pH of the sample. For reliable measurement, always use a sample cup and a soil sample auger. This way of working is the most reliable because it means you always consistently use the same method of measurement. This ensures reliability.

Do you need advice?

Our team is ready to help you find the most appropriate method of pH measurement for your application. Since 1957 we have been specialists in measuring, regulating and controlling the pH value in water and soil. Because of the different models and methods of pH measuring that we have in our assortment, there is always a suitable solution. The Nieuwkoop team is ready for you!

Digital ph meter for soil

Nieuwkoop has easy to use digital pH meters. Our portable soil pH meters are easy to take with you in a case so that reliable measurements can always be taken on location and you have all the necessities within reach. In the more than 60 years that we have been manufacturing pH meters, we have specialized in developing accurate, digital soil pH meters.

Do you want to buy a pH meter for soil?

Would you like to buy a pH meter? We deliver our pH meters throughout the Netherlands and even abroad! From our factory and showroom in Aalsmeer we can always deliver from stock. So you can quickly start or continue measuring the pH level in your garden, greenhouse or field. Would you rather visit us first to see and test our pH meters? We would be pleased to welcome you to our showroom. We will explain everything about our products and give you advice that suits your situation. So you know exactly what you buy. Would you rather be helped remotely? Our customer service is ready to help you by phone and email. Nieuwkoop stands for quality, user-friendliness and service. We always have our pH meters in stock. So we can always deliver your new pH meter quickly!