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News: Accurately measuring, logging and monitoring CO2
Measuring CO2

Accurately measure, log and monitor CO2

One of the most talked about topics in the world, CO2!

CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, in gaseous form is a component that contributes to the growth of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. It is necessary for proper growth of plants and therefore an important thing to measure because humans are also sensitive to CO2

Why is measuring CO2 important?

CO2 is a much discussed topic worldwide within the professional Horticulture and Vertical Farming industry. It is an essential raw material for the growth of plants and we humans also feel the effect of a (too) high CO2 level in a room.

In the greenhouse or indoor growing location, CO2 is taken from the air by the plants and this is then converted into flowers, fruits, plants and vegetables during the growing process. None of this is possible without CO2 and this further underscores why measuring it is so important.

Besides being important for plants, CO2 levels are also essential for us as humans. An enclosed space, think of an office, classroom, restaurant or salon, with too high a CO2 level is often the cause of tiredness, concentration problems, decreased productivity and headaches. So for both crops and people, measuring CO2 is very important!

CO2 measuring with a portable handheld meter

For accurate measurement of CO2 we have a number of portable solutions available. Using these instruments, you can quickly and reliably measure in multiple places. Due to the compact size, you can easily take it with you and measure, for example, the greenhouse, cold store and office within a short time.

The portable CO2 meters come in a sturdy art case and are available in combined humidity (RH) and temperature.

A more comprehensive combination meter that measuring CO2, CO, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity (RH) measures is available as a data logger for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) analysis. Interested? Please contact us by here click.

Delta Ohm
Extended combination meter
CO2, CO, atmospheric pressure, temperature and (RH) meter

Fixed sensors for CO₂ with output signal

In addition to portable meters, there are also several sensors available that measure CO2 continuously and can communicate this via an output signal to a climate computer or PLC. Working with these types of sensors ensures continuity of CO2 levels. High when it should be high, and low when it should be low.

In terms of output signals, there are several possibilities: 4..20 mA, 0..50 mV, 0..1 Vdc, 0..10 Vdc, but also with wi-fi and Ethernet connection (modbus) the sensors and transmitters can be connected to the system!

CO₂ measure at home, office, restaurant and other public places

With the global Covid pandemic, we were confronted with the importance of well-ventilated spaces and CO2 levels of the room we are in. Measuring CO2 has become a priority!

The situation has since improved, but the importance of measuring CO2 in indoor spaces remains. As described earlier, excessive CO2 levels are often cause of tiredness, difficulty concentrating and the rapid spread of (flu) viruses.

As a subtle Indoor Air Quality Monitor, we therefore have the model GT2501 in our assortment. This meter reliably measures CO2 content, humidity and temperature. Based on these three values, the device calculates the pleasantness in the room and the display colours along with air quality in the room in which it is placed. Green when the situation is good, yellow when there is room for improvement and red when ventilation is needed to get more oxygen into the room.

With this meter, you comply with the regulations of the building code and prevent the room you or your guests are in from becoming unpleasant or even dangerous. With this Nieuwkoop CO2 meter you are sure of a reliable measurement! The GT2501 is widely used in public areas where personal comfort and health are important, such as:

CO2 meter for in a waiting room
CO2 meter for a meeting room

Need help?

If you need help selecting a CO2 meter or if you have any questions about CO2 measure, we will be happy to help you. We can be reached at 0297-325836 and