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News: Nieuwkoop calibration fluids
EC and pH calibration liquids

Nieuwkoop calibration fluids

Anyone working with an EC and/or pH meter cannot escape it, calibrate!

Where calibration might sometimes feel a bit like an obligation, it is much needed to properly maintain your meter, sensor or control. By performing calibration, you adjust the measurement and guarantee correct measurement results.

To assist with calibration, we have the handy calibration station developed and here instructional videos for included. This makes calibration even easier!

Why calibrate?
This may sound strange, but over time the EC/pH measurement expires and needs to be corrected.

For example, if your pH meter deviates or measures slowly, it could be that your instrument is not properly calibrated or that the pH sensor is at the end of its service life. An improperly calibrated pH meter gives erroneous readings and this can have serious consequences.

By calibrating (with pH and/or EC calibration liquids), you readjust the instrument and the sensor to the point where reliable measurements can be taken again. Calibration is thus essentially the control tool for the measurement and very important to ensure that you are measuring the correct values.

We therefore recommend regular calibration with our high-quality professional calibration liquids to avoid errors.

Own factory, we produce ourselves!
At our factory in Aalsmeer, we produce the Nieuwkoop calibration liquids for EC and pH. For pH standard values pH 4.01, pH 6.86 and pH 7.00, but we can also make other values for you on request.

For EC calibration fluid, we have as standard EC1,413 mS/cm (1431 µS/cm), EC4.00 mS/cm and EC5.00 mS/cm in stock. Besides these standard values, we can produce any EC value, you name it, we make it with our ECxx.xx (customised value) calibration fluid.

Also KCl (pH storage solution) and demineralised water is available from us.

All Nieuwkoop calibration liquids are "Made in Holland" and available in various sizes of 125, 250, 1000 or 5000 ml bottles and 20 ml disposable bags, packed per 20 pieces.

Need help?
If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you calibrate. We have our own service department at your service on 0297-325836 and

Good luck with calibration!