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News: Dealer of Delta Ohm / Senseca products!
Delta Ohm / Senseca products

Dealer of Delta Ohm / Senseca products!

Nieuwkoop is proud to announce that we are the dealer for Delta Ohm / Senseca products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg!

Measuring is knowing and reliable measurements are only achieved with high-quality and accurate measuring instruments. This is why we have partnered with Delta Ohm / Senseca to provide you with these professional measuring technologies.

First, let's start with a brief introduction to Delta Ohm / Senseca.

Since 1978, Delta Ohm has been developing and manufacturing a complete range of meteorological devices for measuring wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, air pressure, humidity, radiation, light and temperature.

In addition, the portfolio also includes a complete range of wireless data logger systems, transmitters, sensors, portable instruments for acoustics and vibration. Professional measuring instruments for microclimate, air quality-CO₂, relative humidity, air velocity, photo-radiometry, temperature and pressure measurements are also part of the range.

From January 2024, Delta Ohm will undergo a change to a new identity called SENSECA. This is the home for top measurement technology.

The mission remains the same. To provide the world with high-quality sensor solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future!

Below are some examples of the solutions we can offer:

Environmental analysis for weather measurements
Measurement of wind speed and wind direction
Measurement of wind speed and wind direction.
Can be combined with relative humidity (RH), temperature, pressure and radiation.
Continuous PAR sensors for supplemental lighting
Sensors/transmitters for indoor, vertical farming, greenhouses and HVAC solutions
Relative humidity (RH) and temperature transmitters
Differential and atmospheric pressure transmitters
Wireless options that can be connected anywhere in the nursery production facility. Comes with free data export and analysis software.
CO₂ transmitters with fixed and separate sensors
Portable meters for on-site control measurements

Perform control measurements with these portable measuring instruments

Relative humidity (RH)/temperature (°C) meter
Measuring relative humidity (RH) and temperature in air
Temperature gauge
Measuring temperature in water and soil
PAR, LUX and LED meter
Indoor air quality measurement
Monitor air quality in indoor spaces.
CO, CO₂, air pressure, temperature and relative humidity (RH) are accurately measured with this IAQ meter.
Thermocouple thermometer with logger.
In ground steaming, this device can serve as a tool to monitor the temperature during the process.

If you have any questions about Delta Ohm products, we are happy to help. Please contact our sales department by sending an e-mail to or by calling 0297 – 325836.