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Nieuws: PAR- en lichtspectrummeter in 1!

PAR- en lichtspectrummeter in 1!

PAR light is an important factor within the growth process of various crops. Thus, this light is the determining factor for flowers and plants to achieve and stimulate photosynthesis. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

In this knowledge base article we go more into what exactly "PAR" means and the other types of light.

It is essential to measure PAR light while growing vegetables, flowers, fruit or other crops, read more via this knowledge base article. Daarnaast kan het meten van het kleurenspectrum u helpen bij de volgende stap in data gedreven telen. Met dit meetinstrument meet u namelijk of uw groeiverlichting nog voldoet aan de vereisten. Zo weet u zeker dat er geen fouten gemaakt worden qua belichting en voorkomt u opbrengstverlies.

With the new PAR and light spectrum meter for (LED) growth lighting various light parameters such as PAR, PPFD and the light spectrum are measured accurately and easily. Using the function to export data to the PC, you can analyse the measured data.

Using a 5-inch touchscreen, parameters and curves are displayed in real time, which is clear and quick to use. It can measure broad-spectrum light sources such as LED grow lights, but also smaller narrow-spectrum light sources such as CFL energy-saving lamps, high- and low-pressure sodium HID lamps can be easily monitored.

- Specially designed for analysis of the light spectrum of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit
- Adapted colour wavelength range for different plants and crops
• Verschillende planten zijn gevoelig voor een verschillend golflengtebereik, hier kan tussen geschakeld worden (kleuren)
- Offers you reliable measurement results through comprehensive professional data

Interested in this method of taking light measurements?
In case of interest and/or questions, please contact us at 0297 - 325 836 and