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News: Stopper for the Nie-co roll (plant yoyo)
Staple roller with stopper

Stopper for the Nie-co roll (plant yoyo)

The Nie-co-rol (plant yoyo) is designed for tying up flower and plant branches. It can be used to grow plants in a certain direction, to pull branches apart or to support the heavy parts of a plant.

New product!

Recently, we have been brainstorming with the sales team about the Nie-co-rol (plant yoyo). We can tell you that we have a new addition to our Nie-co-rol. For the Nie-co-rol, we have developed a new accessory: the stopper. The stopper is used to lock or brake the wire of the Nie-co-rol to any desired length.

The stopper is available per 500 pieces and can be used with our existing MAXI and MEGA Nie-co-rol.

MAXI and MEGA Nie-coils with stopper
How to use the stopper together with the Nie-co-rol

How does it work?


If you have any questions about the stopper or Nie-co-rol, please contact us at 0297 – 325 836 and