pH meter for water

Nieuwkoop is a specialist in pH value measuring!

The best professional pH meter for water
Measuring the pH value in water is very important for controlling and monitoring various applications. At Nieuwkoop we therefore offer all kinds of different measuring instruments which can easily and accurately measure the pH value of your liquid. The best pH meter we have for measuring in water is the PH1200 – portable pH meter for measuring pH in water.
Top 5 measuring instruments for pH measurement in water

Do you need advice on finding the right pH meter?

Need advice on finding the right pH meter for water? Nieuwkoop has been a specialist in the field of pH measurement, regulation and control since 1957. We are happy to assist you in finding the right measuring instrument. We offer various models so that there is always a suitable solution for your application. Our specialists are ready to assist you!

Measuring pH in a (koi) pond

Do you have a (koi) pond in the garden? And do you want to measure the pH value of your pond? Then you need accurate products to monitor the viability of the organisms in the water. By taking water samples from the pond water and measuring them for pH, you can measure the functioning of the plants and biological filter. Therefore use an accurate digital pH meter or indicator to measure the pH value of the pond water.

Ph measuring in a swimming pool

Do you have a swimming pool in the garden? To ensure the hygiene of the water, chlorine is important for disinfecting the water. Chlorine contains pH and too much chlorine is harmful. It is therefore important to measure the pH level in the water. At Nieuwkoop we sell high quality digital pH meters which can measure the pH value very accurately. Do you want to measure the pH value of the pool water accurately?

Measuring Ph in an aquarium or pond

Aquariums and ponds are full of plants, stones and, of course, fish that cause the pH value in the water to change. Measuring the pH level in an aquarium or pond is essential for keeping fish alive, which will be affected if the pH level is too high. Therefore, when buying a pond or aquarium, educate yourself thoroughly in order to make the living environment for the fish as ideal as possible.

pH sensors

Our pH sensors are of professional dutch quality and will provide a reliable and accurate measurement. Not every pH sensor is suitable for every situation, for example when you measure an acidic medium or at a high temperature, you need a robust sensor that can handle these circumstances. At Nieuwkoop we have these types of sensors that also measure correctly in these (harsh) conditions.

Portable pH meter for water

An accurate portable pH meter that is easy to use and that you can rely on? Nieuwkoop is specialised in the production of handheld pH meters. Due to more than 60 years of expertise, we have developed a reliable pH-meter which ensures that you can always measure the pH accurately. The fact that it is portable means you can take the measurements whenever and wherever you want.

pH meter supplier

We supply our pH meters all over the world. From Aalsmeer Noord-Holland, we can deliver all pH meters from stock, so you can continue measuring quickly. Would you like to visit us? Our factory and showroom is located near Amsterdam, where we will be pleased to tell you all about our products and give you advice on your application. We are also at your service when you contact our customer service. You can reach us by phone and email. Nieuwkoop stands for quality, user-friendliness and (fast) service. We always have our pH meters in stock so we can deliver quickly!