EC controller, microprocessor, EC3020

EC controller, microprocessor, EC3020

EC controller, microprocessor, EC3020

SKU: EC3020

The 7685 series has been developed with the experience of 25 years in the industrial electrochemical industry. The controllers were newly developed where quality, reliability, simplicity of use and cost were a requirement.

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Product description

The controller can be configured to use 2-sensor conductivity sensors, amplified 4-sensors and/or amplified inductive cells. It provides manual and automatic temperature compensation, when an RTD Pt100 is connected. When the RTD is connected, the instruments also provide temperature measurement.

Technical specifications:

  • Adjustable input
  • Input from: RTD Pt100 (3 core)
  • Alphanumeric backlit LCD
  • Temperature reading
  • Software filter
  • Function mode: automatic and manual
  • Calibration parameters display
  • Setpoint and alarm conditions display
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • 0/20mA or 4/20mA programmable isolated output
  • Dual setpoint with hysteresis, delay and Min/max programmable functions
  • Min/max and setpoint time relays
  • Software: 3 access levels, user-friendly, keyboard security, watch dog
  • EEPROM parameter storage
  • Automatic voltage protection and reset
  • Removable connection strips
  • 96×96 (1/4" DIN) housing

Statistics number: 9027.80.11

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