Nitrite strips (NO₂) 2-80 mg/l

Nitrite strips (NO₂) 2-80 mg/l

Nitrite strips (NO₂) 2-80 mg/l

SKU: CB2090

Merckoquant Nitrite strips (NO₂) 2-80mg/l per 100 strips

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Product description

These test strips can be considered a mobile laboratory on a plastic strip of a few square millimetres. As a screening method, they offer the user a quick overview of the situation. Allowing the right choice to be made regarding which further analysis (if any) should be performed, potentially saving considerable time and analytical resources. The strip is a biodegradable polyester film, and the low reagent content in the reaction zones ensures trouble-free disposal and disposal of waste.

  • Easy to handle: just immerse, wait and measure visually using the colour scale
  • Safe: no additional reagents required
  • Instant results within 2 minutes enable quick decisions
  • Portable: can be used in the laboratory or outside it


Range: 2-5-10-20-40-80 mg/l NO₂
Packed per 100 strips

Statistics number: 3822.90.00

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