Potentiostatic sensor, CL5100

Potentiostatic sensor, CL5100

Potentiostatic sensor, CL5100

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Product description

This sensor is made for the measurement of free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and dissolved ozone in water.

It is suggested to place the sensor in a flow cell SZ 72×1 or SZ 72×3 provided with overflow in order to maintain the sample flow constant. If placed in the SZ 7251 cell or in a pipe-line, in order to avoid an instable measurement, it is necessary for the flow to be constant.


  • Electrodes: 2 platinum rings
  • Reference: gel with annular junction
  • Body: glass
  • Cable: 3 m
  • Max pressure: 10 bar at 20 °C
  • Dimensions: 110×12 mm

HS (commodity) code: 9027.90.00

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