Tensiometer digital, GV1600

Tensiometer digital, GV1600

Tensiometer digital, GV1600

Digital tensiometer in carrying case.

Tensiotubes need to be ordered separately!

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Product description

The Tensiometer GV1600 is a revolutionary moisture sensor with a solid state electronic meter for increased accuracy and reliability. This alternative to conventional mechanical vacuum gauges, with its state of the art pressure transducer/digital display electronic monitor brings the concept of soil moisture tensiometry into the electronic age.

  • Portable electronic monitor with easily read digital display
  • Inexpensive tensiometer tubes. Available in various lengths to suit all situations
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of soil moisture readings
  • Reduced cost for multiple tube installations compared with standard mechanical gauge tensiometers

The GV1600 tensiometer will read-out all the tubes and therefor there will not be any variation between the tubes. This because the same monitor (sensor) reads the tubes, compared with the conventional mechanic tensiometers, the GV1600 reading variations are reduced to zero.

Tensiotubes are available in 30, 60 of 90 cm length, other lengths on request. These tubes have to be ordered separately.

HS (commodity) code: 9025.80.40

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