Tomex Tomato hook without rope, TX7000

Tomex Tomato hook without rope, TX7000

Tomex Tomato hook without rope, TX7000

Tomex Tomato hook without rope per 500 pieces

Product description

One of Nieuwkoop articles is a tomato spool and has been given the name “TOMEX”.
A number of labour-saving devices have been developed in line tomato cultivation for tying up and lowering plants. But all of those developed to date have a number of disadvantages.
Depending on the system in question, these disadvantages of the extremely hard labour needed to lower the plants.

Tomato plant weights between 5 and 8 kg and per square meter of plant around 15 kg. Lowering these plants can therefore definitely be termed “heavy” labour.
The “Tomex” tomato spool is here to put an end to all these disadvantages. The “Tomex” spool is made of UV-resistance polypropylene. The high quality of this material is a good guarantee in itself, and the matte-white colour is certain to be appreciated by the farmers. (Other colours possible on request).

The “Tomex” spool is a one-piece unit and can be easily carried. The round form, free of rough or sharp edges, prevents damage to the user hands. The hook is built eccentrically onto the spool, and the Farmer need not fear that the hook will slide along the line, as it has been designed to pull itself firmly into place.The spool is 13½ cm in circumference.
The bottom of the spool has a curved notch to keep the line neatly in place.

With the “Tomex” tomato spool, lowering the plants is quick and easy. The plants can be hung quickly and easily at the start of the cultivation, and the slim upper portion of the reel will allow you roll our the first few meters of line with a speed you may never dreamed possible.
The spool weighs a total of some 30 grams, including the tomato line. A simple knot in the last portion of the line will keep the line from slipping through the handy eyelet built into the spool. The construction of the “Tomex” allows the farmer to reel in the line single-handed and quickly at the end of the growing-season. What’s more, a handy winding device is developed.

HS (commodity) code: 3926.90.97

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