pH and ORP controller, PH3030

pH and ORP controller, PH3030

pH and ORP controller, PH3030

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Microprocessor-controlled pH and ORP control.

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Product description

The 7685 series has been developed with the experience of 25 years in the industrial electrochemical industry. The controllers were newly developed where quality, reliability, simplicity of use and cost were a requirement.

The microprocessor's capabilities are supported by user-friendly software. This software has been specially developed to keep the use of the controller, programming of functions, routine checking and calibration simple, even for untrained persons.


  • pH and ORP measurement
  • pools
  • autoclean sensors
  • PFM / PWM regulations

Dual input for:

  • pH sensor (Glass of Antimony)
  • ORP sensor


  • Input from Pt100 3-adrig
  • pH/mV/Temperature reading
  • Software filter
  • Operating mode: automatic and manual
  • Calibration parameter display
  • Set-point and alarm condition display
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation

Double insulated output:

  • 0/20 mA or 4/20 mA adjustable
  • pH/ORP/°C adjustable

Dual set-points (pH/ORP adjustable) with adjustable action:

  • ON/OFF
  • PFM proportional Pulse Frequency Modulation
  • PWM proportional Pulse Width Modulation
  • with hysteresis, delay and min/max programmable functions
  • Min/max and set-points time alarm relays
  • Autoclean relay
  • EEPROM parameter storage
  • Automatic overload protection and reset
  • 96X96 (1/4" DIN) housing

Statistics number: 9027.80.11

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