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CO₂ metres

Looking for the best indoor CO₂ meter? Measuring CO₂ is more important than ever. After all, CO₂ levels indicate air quality and the degree of ventilation

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What is turbidity?

In various applications in wastewater, drinking water, surface water, cooling water, process water, etc., turbidity is an important commonly used and normative parameter. How is turbidity defined and how is

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What is pH?

The pH value is a chemical name for the acidity of a solution. Without going into too much detail, establishing that the pH value is

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What is RV?

A healthy indoor climate is essential for a pleasant working, sports and living environment. It promotes productivity and concentration. In storage areas, too, the indoor climate is decisive

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What is EC?

The EC value, in short, is the conductivity of a solution. EC is an English abbreviation and stands for Electrical Conductivity. 

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