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The world
of measuring

Measuring in water, air & soil

Welcome to Nieuwkoop

For over 65 years, we have been developing reliable measuring instruments and plastic binding products for the professional horticultural market. In a world where data and measurement play an increasingly important role, we would like to take you into our world of measuring. With our products, you can focus on the most important thing: your crop.

A higher yield with lower costs through reliable measuring and adjustment where necessary.

professional measuring equipment
makes growing easier

professional measuring equipment ensures reliable growth

Product categories

Measuring in water

Various measuring instruments are available for reliable measurement of, for example, drain and irrigation water.

Measuring in water is accurate and reliable with Nieuwkoop! 

Measuring in air

Our airborne measuring instruments provide you with fast and accurate measurements of CO2 , °C, RH, light and many other parameters.

Measuring in air can be simple and reliable with our measuring instruments!

Measuring in soil

Getting data directly from soil or any substrate. It can be done with one of our direct-in-soil measuring instruments.

Measuring in soil in a quick and easy way!

Reliable plastics

Our reliable plastic binding products ensure that your crop is well supported and grows as beautifully and quickly as possible.

Reliable plastics make growing easier and more efficient! 

More than 65 years of experience. There
we are quite a
somewhat proud of

More than 65 years of experience. We are quite a bit proud of that

our USPs

Our products are characterised by reliable quality, which is why you can rely on Nieuwkoop! Our specialised knowledge of measuring instruments and plastics, and professional know-how will help you find the right solution. You can reach us in several ways and with our own service and repair department, we will always help you get back on the road quickly if needed!

Ruud van den Broeck

Manager of show and breeding greenhouses Schreurs Holland B.V.

At Schreurs Holland B.V., reliable measuring is important, which is why we work with Nieuwkoop.

As a breeder and propagator of roses and gerberas, we deal with a wide variety of spieces, which are also located at different places in the company. This makes customization with regard to water and nutrition quite a challenge. We have the samples checked weekly in the laboratory, but we do interim measurements ourselves with the meters from Nieuwkoop. The meters are reliable, easy to use and this allow us to make adjustments sooner if necessary.

A selection of our range

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Our knowledge base

Questions about EC, PH, CO₂?
This and many
More topics are covered in
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Still have questions?

Still have questions?

We would like to hear it. You can always call us on +31(0)297 32 58 36 or use our contact form.