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then, now and in the
Nieuwkoop then, now and in the future

Our history

Invention of 'Carnation Mender' and the Foundation of Nieuwkoop
A common problem with carnations was that the calyx cracked, which greatly reduced the value of the flower. This was repaired with a small iron ring, but this was not very attractive. The "Carnation Mender" was some kind of flower tape that had the same external features as the calyx. This added more to the beauty of the carnation than the iron ring and improved the selling price. The invention of this product by Mr. Nieuwkoop marked the beginning of our passion!
Invention of The Nieuwkoop plant support roll; "Nie-co-rol"
In cooperation with professional rose and orchid growers, the original roller for flowers and plants was invented. The further developed version of the Nie-co-rol is still being made today!
Introduction of the first measuring instruments and other plastic binding articles
In the sixties, the first portable meters for EC and pH were imported from Japan. We developed our own Tensiometers to measure soil moisture. Plastic binding articles like plant rings, anthurium clamps and stem clips were also introduced.
Nieuwkoop grows and develops its own measuring instruments
Since 1980, we have been developing and producing our own brand of Nieuwkoop measuring instruments for various parameters. The focus is on a qualitative product and this increases the brand awareness. All over the world, professional growers know they can rely on Nieuwkoop.
We move to the Zwarteweg in Aalsmeer and the next generation enters the family business
Nieuwkoop moves to Zwarteweg in Aalsmeer where the family business was continued. The operational management was transferred to the next generation and we continue to develop solutions for professionals in the agriculture and horticulture.
Expansion Nieuwkoop at new location
Our head office was built on Aalsmeerderweg and in 2005 we moved here. We are still located here and from here we serve many professionals in the agriculture and horticulture sector worldwide.
The third generation enters the company and we present our new corporate identity
The next generation enters Nieuwkoop and this starts a change in logo and corporate identity. The outward appearance changes, but the inward appearance where service and quality is the most important, remains the same. Nieuwkoop is ready for the future!
65th anniversary
In 2022, we celebrated our 65th anniversary. We are proud of our history and the fact that every day we can still offer professional growers the same service and quality you have come to expect from us since 1957.

Vision & Mission

Nieuwkoop is there for the professional agriculture and horticulture sector. Together with you, the professional, we continue to search for improvements and innovations in the field of measuring in and around the greenhouse, but also in binding and guiding the crop.

In this way, we continue to provide the professional market with innovative products that contribute to reliable growth and a sustainable future.

Welcome to our World of Measuring.

Our quality marks

We offer various types of measuring instruments and plastic binding products. The range varies in degrees and therefore you will always find a suitable product with us.

To help you make the right choice, we have developed a quality mark. It is for example possible that a certain product does not meet your requirements or is even overqualified for your application.

This quality mark helps with the decision making. You can see where this product stands in comparison to other products. Some of the selection factors on which the quality mark is based are as follows:

- Accuracy of measurement
- Lifespan
- Usability
- Ease of maintenance
- Overall quality

The gradations that result from this are translated into our quality marks. We start with the "Standard" quility mark and the "Professional" quality mark concerns the top of the market.