CO₂/Temp/RV meter, GT1060

CO₂/Temp/RV meter, GT1060

CO₂/Temp/RV meter, GT1060

SKU: GT1060

The GT1060 is a lightweight portable CO₂/°C/RV measuring instrument with a digital display, for measuring CO₂/°C/RV concentrations in air.

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Product description

The GT1060 is a flexible and simple measuring instrument for measuring CO₂, temperature and rel. humidity in the air.

The large display shows CO₂, temperature and RH simultaneously, also the instrument is equipped with an audible alarm and has a simple calibration function. The CO₂ meter comes in a handy plastic carrying case with clear instructions for use.


The instrument is perfect for measuring air quality. Temperature, RH and CO₂ are considered good indicators of ventilation in a room. The GT1060 is ideal for measuring e.g. CO₂, temperature and rel. humidity concentration in e.g. horticultural greenhouses, packaging area, buildings, offices, classrooms, storage etc. where correct and quick measurement is essential.

Measuring range: 0-9999 ppm

Statistics number: 9027.10.10

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