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pH measuring in water

The best professional pH meter for water Measuring the pH value of water is very important for controlling and monitoring different applications. Therefore, at Nieuwkoop we offer all kinds of different measuring instruments that easily and accurately measure the pH value of your liquid. The best pH meter we have for water is the PH1200 […]

How can you reliably measure pH in soil?

Why is it important to measure pH in soil? The reason that pH is measured in soil is to measure its acidity. When growing plants, flowers or other organisms that use soil, the acidity level is a determining factor. If the soil has a poor pH value, the plants will not take up nutrients. To […]

Measuring pH in a pond

Measuring pH in a pond If you have a pond, measuring and monitoring the pH of the pond is very important. Fish, plants, but also amphibians and birds live in and around a pond. Measuring pH in pond water is often done to monitor if the micro life in the pond is doing […]

Measuring pH in an aquarium

Measuring pH in an aquarium Monitoring and controlling the pH value in aquarium water is essential for the fish and plants that live in the aquarium. We know all about professional measuring and offer various (digital) measuring instruments which measure the pH in an aquarium simply but very accurately. This allows you to know exactly […]

Measuring pH in a swimming pool

What is the best pH meter for swimming pools? Swimming pool water hygiene is very important. After all, people swim in it with little protection. By measuring alkalinity, pH-value and chlorine value you keep your pool water clean. At Nieuwkoop we have several measuring devices which can measure the pH-value in water. For temporary pools […]