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pH tester, PH2010

pH tester, PH2010

SKU: PH2010

Soil pH tester incl. carrying case.

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Product description

To make the soil suitable for absorbing fertilisers, acid soil should be neutralised with lime or calcareous fertiliser. However, if this is spread in too large quantities, so-called manganese deficiency occurs. As a result, the fertility of the soil is completely lost.

If you now want to treat the soil with lime or lime fertiliser, the acidity, which is the pH, of the soil must first be determined to determine how much lime should be added.

This can be done very easily with this pH tester, which has already been used by many users to their complete satisfaction. A perfectly neutral soil has a pH = 7, which should always be assumed when taking measurements.

  1. Since the instrument itself generates the required current on contact with earth, no chemicals, distilled water and/or an external power source such as a battery are needed.
  2. Measuring is extremely easy; one only needs to insert the sensor into the soil and can read the pH after a few minutes. (Remember to rinse off before and after measuring).
  3. The instrument is compact, beautifully designed and easy to carry.
  4. Comes in a handy (belt) carrying case and with a PVC sample cup.

Statistics number: 9027.80.99

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