RH/Temperature datalogger, RG2023

RH/Temperature datalogger, RG2023

RH/Temperature datalogger, RG2023

SKU: RG2023

For recording temperature and humidity.

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Product description

This RH and Temperature recorder is for markets where large numbers are needed, the quality-price ratio cannot be found anywhere else.

The recorders are used, among others, in; horticulture, fruit, flower and vegetable trade and companies in heating, cooling, and/or ventilation.

Using a separate software package (free of charge) + interface (must be ordered additionally), the data loggers can be programmed and read out.


  • Measuring range: -40°C ~ +85°C
  • Resol. Temp.: 0.1 °C (-40 ~ +40°C)
  • Resolution R.V: 0.1 RH
  • Capacity: 8,000 registrations (32 Kb)
  • Registration freq. Adjustable v.a.. 30 sec.- number of hours
  • Indicator lights: "OK" indicator = in operation (flashing) "Alert" indicator = alarm warning
  • Readout time: At full memory < 10 sec, depending on computer
  • Battery life: 2 ~ 3 years under normal use.
  • Dimensions/weight lxwxh: 86×54.5×8.6mm and 35 grams
  • Housing: Polycarbonate

Statistics number: 9025.80.40

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